Patrick L. Wilson

Des Moines attorney Patrick L. Wilson graduated from Drake Law School in December, 1981 and passed the Iowa State Bar examination held in January, 1982. For 17 years Patrick was a part-time judicial magistrate. During his tenure, he also maintained a busy trial practice.

Over his career, Patrick participated in well over 1,000 trials, either as a defense lawyer or as a magistrate. He has been appointed as a special prosecutor for several cases out of Tama County, Iowa.

Patrick is a co-author of the Iowa Support Master software by Alft & Wilson Publishing as well as an accounting software known as LawTrust.

Patrick authored the very busy and popular website known as If you are accused of driving while intoxicated, is a great place to get all the information you would ever want to know about the charge of drunk driving (OWI) in Iowa.

My Methods

I keep all information in confidence. Therefore, I will not discuss your case with friends or family members. What is discussed between me and my clients is confidential. If other persons are involved, then the discussions and comments are no longer confidential. It is my job to defend my clients to the best of my abilities and I don’t see how having other people in on the conversation will help my clients by surrendering that confidentiality. So please do not have your family and friends calling me or asking to talk to me about your case. Won’t happen.

What you tell others is up to you. So long as you understand that by doing so, if the prosecutors find out about it, they may well list your family and friends as witnesses and call them to testify as to what you told them.

My advice is always the same – exercise your right to remain silent. Resist the urge to talk to the police in an effort to answer their questions. You may think you are helping yourself. No, you are not. You are helping them accuse you of things you did not do. You may well be tricked into admitting guilt to something you didn’t do. Always tell the officer, “I wish to speak with my attorney before answering any questions”!